Les Cols Restaurant

With cabbages and without them

in a space that encourages

the creation of intimacy

and revelation of conversations,

we have eaten, we have drunk

and learned that time does not pass

if we can share it with the

friends who love another.

No one will ever take away

this evening, and the mood

of memories brought together

in a few hours.

Let us promise

to keep the quietude within us;

in a few years it will be

sweet company for us.


Miquel Martí i Pol 15-6-96

“The intimacy of a landscape. The immutable cycle of the seasons…”

This whole setting should favour a cuisine that reflects the rural landscape and the seasonality of the Garrotxa region; simple yet essential; austere and humble yet intuitive, intimate and authentic. A cuisine that must reflect our way of life.


From here, but with the ability to open itself up to the world, hoping to achieve something universal through a wholly intimate space. The splendour of nature. The richness of life.


Les Cols Restaurant or the evocation project

RCR Arquitectes

Evoking the past.

The rural house with its structure of three corridors, the large dining room,

the verandas on which to relax.


Evoking self-subsitence.

The market garden with its cabbages, the hens pecking in the coop,

the fruit trees in bloom.


Evoking an outdoor life.

Sitting on the veranda having lunch, surrounded

by air, plants, aromas, things to see, without losing

the mystery that is held within its thick walls.


Evoking sensuality.

Immersing oneself in a world filled with cava,

of a cascading plants, suggestive filters,

chairs in bloom.

Evoking culinary art.

The colours, flavours and different textures

and presented on a neutral base, a careful

and painstaking preparation for a moment of pleasure.


Evoking the future.

Where virtual images and real images

marge where steel replaces stone, clay, plaster and

water, where what is moist gives way to what its dry.


Evoking time.

Where the vision of the moments allows time

to be travestied in the direction of the future

trilogy of dining room front of house, and kitchen.

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