R&D and Vegetable Garden

Explore the R&D and vegetable garden of Les Cols Restaurant.

the earth, the water, the essence of raw foods

Les Cols restaurant recommends a visit to the vegetable garden located in the Vall de Bianya, la Garrotxa, under Casa Horitzó, where you can also find the R&D area of Les Cols restaurant. These features are part of the work of RCR Arquitectes.


Tours to be arranged when making a reservation in the restaurant.

R&D and Vegetable garden of Les Cols Restaurant. Proximity, sustainability and quality.

At Les Cols, we have always worked with products from our surroundings, and we approach these fundamental ingredients with the utmost care and sincerity. Producers and manufacturers supply the restaurant with products created just a few metres away.


Since the beginning, we have developed the restaurant’s vegetable garden and henhouse, which can be seen from the tables in the dining room. We like this contemplative view of our vegetable garden and henhouse, as well as the products they offer us, evoking an appreciation for the earth, sustainable cooking and food that has not travelled far to get here. Tasting a product in its own environment gives it an unprecedented relevance.


Over the years, the small vegetable garden and henhouse have not been sufficient to cover the needs of the restaurant. Despite this, we have always wanted to be loyal to local produce, taking care of the whole growth and production process. From here, we considered the idea of having fields to grow seeds native to the area (buckwheat, corn, etc.) and of having a larger vegetable garden and a henhouse with a bigger capacity.


The whole of this project is being carried out in R+D fields in Casa Horitzó , Vall de Bianya, just a few minutes away from the restaurant and in the very centre of the Parque Natural de la Zona Volcánica de La Garrotxa. It is lead by an agriculture expert from our team.  


The way we work the vegetable garden is important to us; it is an extension of the restaurant’s philosophy. Furthermore, it allows for composting, which completes the food cycle.


The project has become an area for work, innovation, research and creativity for the team at Les Cols restaurant.

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